Saturday, 4 January 2014

More links to fave blogs and spots more birdies
 Do not relax crow

 You arent moving unless we say so!
And poor Mum,no peace with two baby galahs
By the time I was ready to walk away,Mum was right on the end of that stick,lol
Bestest Friend sent a parcel,very naughty one tooo...

Suri alpaca,oh so looking forward to spinning that up and how she knows me so well,that Wrens fabric is one Ive coveting for a while too,plus choccies (already gone)and the most adorable little sheep to add to the collection,Thank you Pamela,hugs to you!!!
Now Im working on the pin wheel blocks for sons Quilt,theres the big stars to do next before I can start assembling,dont know when but sometime soon.Study starts in a bout four weeks I think,but son no 3 has an apprenticeship in mid Jan and Ill have to fill the gap at the shop till we tone down or get other staff so essentially this is my last free weekend.Got a bit of knitting done this time too ,aim to clear some UFOs somehow to make room.(for more). Shawl scarf done,very soft but a bit wide and long but will be great on a freezing day or night while I study. 2ply Bendigo lace pure wool on the AKL not quite full width,Im hoping to try tea towels next in cotlin,white with lime green or cornflower blue stripes and bands
And some color to end the post


  1. Oh that's a lovely scarf and it will be snuggly warm. Nice gift too!! We have big black crows and plovers at the dam, no galahs right now.