Monday, 27 January 2014

just a quickie

That optim yarn has changed its color,

much better I think the next time I spin this stuff Ill do natural then dye......
the storm that gave a taste of what it had in smell and cool winds


  1. Lovely colours and yes, I love the smell of a storm on a hot day.

    Thanks for the blog comments re little granddaughter. We believe she will recover, doctors are very optimistic. It could take two to three years. However, the side effects of the drugs are terrible, especially the steroids which doctors will not reduce yet. Thanks for the positive thoughts and kind words. All most welcome.

  2. I have a cousin whos daughter also had this,the doctors suggested it may have been caused from living near high voltage power lins,she recovered and is a healthy teen now, like a lot of things kids are resilient and are able to get through,and you very welcome!!