Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I am Sailing,I am Sailing

Cyclone Christine,she brought just over three inches of rain in 16 odd hours!!And Hubby had to take his kyak out for a run through the niddle of town which is divided with a creek that normally is dry and hardly noticable.Beautiful it was ,hope we get another!!


  1. Does this mean you'll get a blush of wildflowers now? Or is it too hot for them?

  2. Oh my word, so much water and it is so red too. I hope no water got inside???

  3. yep Lynne too late for flowers, frogs have bred and goen to ground again too,but the brid life is wonderful,the bush including my back yard is full of twittering every mornign and evening,never seen it like this before, and no,the council were out clearing drians etc the day before right up to the first showers,they are scare of being sued after last time lol