Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Trundling along

It was very warm yesterday but today it wasnt too bad,I mowed another big stretch of lawn and raked plus extra watering,nearly finished the blue socks in EGMTKs yarn,will take pics tomorrow as I left camera at work anyway.
Crepe mytle
Heres a close up single flower for thosewho dont know what they look,like,I introduced them to the ground a couple years ago and finally they are starting to pick up and show results,I grew up with a large one in this color at home, I think Dad either got a sucker from Nana at Dunlop or she gave him one but it grew so well at Delta,seeing this one gives me a bit of home that I can see and care for.The petals are like crepe paper.

I think its a mallow plant, they flowered so well this year,wish Id got the full bush (photos),this was one of the last ones,thrips love unfortuanately
 A few straggly roses,knocked a couple of reds you cant see off neighbours roses as Ive been weeding their beds when I can!!These are my peace roses.

 And Ive worn in my new Saltwaters,it makes me happy to wear happy colors

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