Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My day off

Nothing exciting,i took a day off ( (I worked the longweek end Monday due to miscommuncation from trades people,he apologised of course but that didnt help the fact i lost my last real day off) anyhow I took today as a personal leave to take Son no5 into his college to pick up and pay his book hire etc,end up spending $280 on uniform,260 odd on extra books hed handed back that I had to buy again( he should have held onto them) I indulged in a new Crochet Book when I ordered his Jacaranda Atlas, nearly bought a second novel too but will wait til Ive finished the last Dan Brow book,Ill send my new books to my SIL if she wants them.
I read a blog today
she has the most fantastic quilt ,made in the pattern of crop circles,now I want to do one too,after ive done the Rothko one of course...
On the Good News side, if its good at all, but certainly could have been worse,Son is home,he indeed broke his back,sounds terrible but his words,hes wearing aback brace for next three months to help fractured compress disk to heal,the break in upper arm awas the part just before the "ball" on the bone,so they had to put ball back into joint(dislocated) then plate the break,he is black and blue but fairly happy,Im not sure if its the intial wont be at work for three months or the fact boredom hasnt set in. He informed me this moring that he thinks his jersy is still out in the bush but its ripped up so no matter.  3rd of January 1990 I lost my beautiful baby brother when he collied with three roos while out checking the water on our station,I think this is why Son 1 ,said sorry more than once while waiting for ambos,but only son 3 actually roused later when everyone was gone that they werent considerate of me, the stress of this has only just started to set in,as soon as Ive trained up new man at work Im drawing a few days off , I look at Son 1 now and shake me head and am thankful hes here and jovial,he can come to town with me anytime while hes healing. No doubt it will be one of many more accidents to happen and having five boys just more than doubles it.
My new book!!

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