Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rain Rain Rain

Its one of those seasons that just surprises and surprises,its been raining gently to moderately for nearly 24 hours,glorious,I have been able to put jeans on with my fav Susans cardie,old but faithful and my latest knitted sock from EGMTKs,the blue beautiflly soft ones I designed myself
Havent taken a pic of them finiahed yet lol have to wsh them again,but very ahppy with them
Im looking at this pattern for something unusual should try it in DK for lighter wear in Australia
Feeling a little stressed this afternoon,Son No 1 was flown out to Perth this morning after crashing his bike,nasty break on the high near his shoulder on top of the same arm being dislocated,with no suitable doctor in Kalgoolrie he was flown out this morning,I didnt see him off as I thought they were going early,feeling a failure as a Mum for not going in but problem with other son as well caused a bit of overload,I hope hes ok,(of high spirits unless it was for my benefit) and they operate fast,he seems to think he ll be able to fly home on Friday but I doubt they ll let him on the plane so close to surgery, Im sort hoping I can drive down,even just to get away from this place.
Theres a nice lamb roast in teh oven and Im off shortly to go into Kalgoorlie to pick up other son from mine bus...

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