Saturday, 18 January 2014

A garden Reveiw

Im gently getting back into my garden,just keeping stiff alive for the most but I do have some gems and some surprises as well
Pink Giant spider lilly

I think a White Spider Little very like the above
I feel silly now but I had a bigger clump of these and as they did nothing for a few years i chucked them out,this one is a lonely surviver....Theres some nerines i there some place too so hoping not watering much over the last couple years havent killed them.

Am on the prowl for a few of these now

 And the Brown Turkey in disguse is bearing well this year,making the effort to water every second day,eaten two already.Wont be able to make jam but I might try that with a pack of dried ones from Woolies. Oh in disguise hmmm well the old Turkey i remember looked like this   so Im thinking this variety is definiety the old type we had in my Dads garden and also Grandfathers.The smell however is divine and Im hoping the sun doesnt hurt them too much so I can ta least one properly coloured and eatable instead of half dried!

The nasty little corner Im working on...I have planted a few things on the right,society garlic,a crepe mytle which the bunnies havent found,next are agapanthus and spider lillies of course when i foind them but also a lovely gardenia,I got one from Bunnings on Wednesday,a bale of sugarcane mulch and a good raking(I have room in bin this week) and it ll be much improved,too my shame Im posting a pic for encouragement to finish project

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