Friday, 10 January 2014

Some play and more

I just spent some time surfing the few blogs i follow regualrly,they provide me with some inspiration and I have to admit a moment to not be where I am at teh moment.the time has come in my life where i wish I was not here but in a place where I can meet new people and do things like walk on the beach or wander down to the cafe strip and have a coffee or tea.To do that here I have to drive three hours one way for a beach,or 45 mins the other for a taste of the cafe world,lol.
Ive given up on hoping things will come good for us to have that farm back again,Ide be happy just to know I ll have a roof over my head at the end of the year. Theres Gala event here in town on Wednesday night I think in aide of raising money for breast cancer,its a cocktail event that has $150 a head on the tickets,even if I could round that up Iseriously dont have anything to wear,yer right what woman doesnt say that but seriously (again) I simply dont have evening clothes , good going out clothes yes,my life has centred around art and work for so long. Im most comfy in jeans or shorts,my tees are Ripcurl,Unit or Hurleys. I have heaps of nice clothes one would wear to an afternoon tea or church but not a cocktail event,Ive been looking for the perfect black dress for ages but none seem to look ,hmm ok,lol. I think if we were back three and half years ago I would be happy to fork out a little but right now Im concentrating on A. gettting through the next three years of private educating son if not the next year, B,getting through study and surviving work,shortly I have to learn properly how to do my sons books so he can do his end of the business,threats of dire concequeneces from hubby dont help either.I think the oldest put it right in a nut shell, despite the money and the effort,this fuction is out of my comfort zone,sheesh he hit it on the nail,one of the organisers is a friend sort of but the other just shoots daggers though Ive been told she s like that with a lot of people lol.
On the creative front
A bit of work to do with it but it didnt make me feel much better when others referred to it as a bit rough,I did say it was unfinished right? theres another one Im also playing with but itls a positive edition where the back ground is black,Ive printed a couple of those out so I can add color which I want to play with today. When I get a good one Ill keep it unseen as the print swap is coming up in a few months. 
This one will be water colored and then Ill decide to continuing with cut or leave it,not perfect but thats ok.
The VD I have sitting on the table still remains blank,supposed to have some ideas for the WIK exhibit.not sure if Ill do a repint or a mixed media,a couple of ideas rollng around,one is a print of a glass (wine) and the other is an image of a lemon  (yellow) ,I have in my mind sitting on a bench  with maybe a white plate nearby set in a graphite back ground. The idea behind it is memory of my chldhood where the lemon was a symbol of the orchard that was so much part of the cooks (Mums,Grandmothers etc)lives in a bush kitchen, cakes nearly always had lemon icing,lemon tea was my grandmothers fav as fresh milk wasnt always available,we had a cow but not everyone had the feed for one. Just ideas floating. Still havent enrolled yet for this year,maybe later today.

Something arrived,this map the original of hung on my father office wall for as long as I can remember,there was a ballot on 80 of them reprinted in Bourke from the original just before Christmas and Im so happy I won the right to purchase one!! Hales was an old grocery hardwear store that had a long history in Bourke in the long hard droughts of the 20 to 50s,they supported a lot of the stations in providing supplies on credit til things come good,I bought my very first fabric and wools from there as a child so I have fond memeories of the place. The map shows most of the stations associated with my family including Mothers and Dads,some have passed onto different people but most are still there. Im hoping to have it framed one day,it ll be a bit expensive!!
And gorgeous is this,a destash froma a lovely lass on Rav,this was my own Christmas Gift to myself this year,I dont have much Wollmeise in my own assortment much less lace (only one other complete skein thats nearly a Featherweight) Im thinking Nuverm at this stage but I cant start it till I have some UFOs out of the way

And more shots from our last walk,Ive been dragging the two boys out fro one every second day,though the last one they did on their own,the older one is very over weight and spends all night wandering the house and then sleeping all day,the youger one sleeps half the night then half the day,hes skinny and lack muscle tone.Although i dislike the early rises on school mornings,at least they well he younger one will actually do something.Neither have friends here now and dislike going away from the house,another reason to move to a more interesting neigbourhood

 Love the color of the bush and the soils.

The weather bureau is forcasting rather nasty hot weather,expecting 44 up monday onwards,thank heavens I have Wednesday off,a trip to a skin specialist couldnt have come at a better time. Theres been recorded 51' up in the Pilbera....


  1. I don't have a going out dress either. You are not alone!!! Even when I was at work I didn't have a going out dress. I love your leaves, I think they are just fabulous. Beautiful!! What luck to win the ballot.

  2. LOL I cant see that dress in the near future either,i wear mens work clothes in my job and so comfy, I have one nice "outfit" a floaty batwing chiffony top in fuchia white and black which I wear with white line pants lol,

  3. I was wondering that you should be able to donate a couple of those fab lino prints (window mounted on black or white board) for your charity friends to auction in return for a couple of tickets. That doesn't provide an out fit but maybe a way in Cinderella!

  4. I didnt think of that idea but truley these poeple were out to make money and very clicky,I doubt they would have even contemplated swapping one ticket lol good suggestion though,at this stage the word is theyve made about $10 maybe a bit more grand with a hundred people attending