Sunday, 29 December 2013

Surfing along

Im adding a few blogs I found over last few days and maybe Ill add to list if I think of it and have time
Inspired by
I keep losing favourite blogs too
anyway a bit more fun today,if I can finish carving Ill try a test print tomorrow,should be planning my work for the WIK but in my head i havea few months,yer right study starts soon
And two more  finished things the first is the Wollmeise hat using black and natural of which the latter was from a ball sent out of the goodness of her heart so I could do this pattern!!
 Ravelry link for hat
the second is a cowl from spun up top,I think it was " Walk inthe Forest " or " Forest Floor" from EGMTKs, I picked this up at the last Toodyay Retreat. Mobius cowl,dont think i put this on Raverly,Ive gotten lazy there
Sad there isnt a retreat this year,probably good in a way seeing I have to help son no 3 set up house in Kal,it dawned on me today bugger he ll need a washing machine,$580 will pick him up one from Retrovision but he also needs a fridge too and the list goes on and I have another ones private school fees in April...

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  1. The bills are never ending. I am glad you have your art and craft maybe keep you sane and give you some extra joy!! Love the carving and the hat is fabulous. I just can't do more than one colour!!