Thursday, 5 December 2013

Counting the Days

Id love to say til I have holidays but no if Im lucky Ill get three days next week ,RDO tomorrow helps, theres no one to cover for me thats capable or trustworthy.My Grandmother and Mother are both having operations early next year and I need to get over there so hopeful they ll have someone then. I regret not getting home in time to at least be with my Dad,this time Im doing all I can to get there.Money will be a big factor but at last count I have enough points with Qantus to get a cheap flight.
We look like having son on his way to work and finishing his apprenticeship,hopefully it ll work out well enough that we can recoup the dollars put into the gear he needed to get going. The shop is very slow and it looks like ill be doing my job on top of working shop over Christmas as wages are killing us to the point that its going to be put on the market. I started work yesterday at 6.30am,i got home at 3.30,by 4.15 I was on the way to shop to get it cracking.Got home finally at 8.30pm. Its understandable Im feeling a wreck today, we do what we have to to survive.Just as well Ive taken time off study over Christmas.

 20 people lost their jobs at West Track in Kalgoorlie,it must have been terrible at the meeting as their names were read from the list of redundant,many had young families,some were apprentices like our son,just let loose to try to survive.How they felt is something only those who've been there before.
The first pic is a beautiful tri coloured hybiscus that has flowered numerous times this year, it was a gift from my line manager a few years back,i think the hand knit socks i gve her for an earlier still birthday may have helped,lol,she couldnt believe how well they were made,Im an even knitter apparently.
The above is my first kangaroo paw,an orange one,I thought Id lost it but it struggled through enough to throw up a few more flower stalks,I will plant more now!!
I love orange!!!
I have a skein of sort of burnt orange that I picked up in Perth, also another from Toodyay which I paired with a dark blue,the first will be a baktus, I think while the paired ones a stripe study.   meanwhile I have a shit load of UFOs to try to get done...

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