Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve, 2013

The big day is nearly here and I hope I havent forgotten anything,went over budget a bit and I owe a bit to one son but I think all will enjoy their family day.Plenty of good food (I try not to think of those who arent as lucky and thank chance that we are where we are today even if theres financial woe around every corner). Work was rounded up fast,as usual Im the one left behind as carer of everything while everyone goes off into the world with their long service leave and transfers,sad that some who Ive known for a few years didnt even bother to say good bye. Disappointing that the Principal is leaving us for a supposed 12 months for I dont think he will be back.He didnt even say Merry Christmas!! I could have gone looking for him but he seemed bent on chasing up EA's and Admin despite me bringing in a Humming bird cake for morning tea on the last day in aggreeance and encouragement from office Oh well lets hope his replacement has more human tendencies. The up side,I have place to myself,Ive taken only Christmas Eve on top of public holidays off,the person who had work there wont be coming back, sleeping for an hour at a time due to alcohol consumption the night before, day after day, is not conducive to good work practise when caught sleeping on duty numerous times, one hour for a 7.8 min tea break and then again for lunch break plus disappearing for a snooze in between over a 7 hour work day is not good. I think Ive saved a few of the plants that were in bad shape on my arrival back at work.Just me and my birdies now on!
First up this morning,unlock for assistant and leave him to it,go to town and grab last gift and a nice iced coffee from Gloria Jeans,Im hooked on them, home and get ham done,sponge roll soaked ready fro trifle,now have to find something good for dinner,not christmassy food
Pineapple Crumbed ham in progress
 Chucked in oven to soften skin,and remove said skin
 Cut into diamond sections and place a clove in the centre of every diamond
Cover with bread crumbs and drizzle reduced brown sugar and pineapple juice,replace in oven until lightly browned,as the picture shows I like a lot of crumbs,this leg had little fat too. Baking the ham like this makes it a bit dryer which I like while boiling with remove the extra salt,I havent got a big enough boiler hence I heat in oven
With my ongoing mission to keep the spirit alive at work,I found we have a core of people willing to share and in return for my efforts this great work friends contributed this year!!
Now all I have to do is find those tea light candles for birdies and whip the cream,etc and all good,theres a bottle of Brown Bros Cienna waiting for me and tomorrow theyve predicted more of this

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