Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Man in Red has been!!

I can safely say that no one in this house has any reason not to smell for a long time,well smell bad, hahaha, the buunies were laying in wait too,,wondering what the fuss was about!!

Son no1 is back on shift today at St Ives,we ve put off Christmas dinner til he gets home tonight,the hams been attacked alreadyand is awesome. Hes looking at a shift in location to Cloudbreak Mine near Newman,so FIFO of Perth,Ive volunteered services as housekeeper,lol Id love to live in Perth.
My goodies..
 And yes I garranteed getting it, but the boys surprised me with extras,Son no 2 was sold the gold top not! Son 3 produced the Tulip and son 1 went all out withe help from son 3 for the big bundle down in next pic.

 This however blew the socks off, Ive been after one for a while!!! Now I can clean my car properly!!Thanks to you son No 2!!
Now I going to sit back for a little while and watch a movie and knit til its time to prepare the big dinner!!
Merry Christmas everyone,hope all have a lovely day full of family joys and relaxation

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  1. Merry Christmas and what lovely gifts!! I hope you are having a very relaxing day.