Friday, 13 December 2013

The start

of my 5 day break.yay!! Ill still sneak in late in the afternoon to check and put a couple retics systems on as they dont work and havent been able to get them fixed,two Im going to play with during holidays but two are too big a job for me.
I have a ten dollar bet with another staffy that the Principal wont come back,he lamented he would have liked to stay another year,WTF??? he s telling everyone hes only taking a year off to run his wifes tutoring business as she has to care for parents.Nope I dont think he ll be back. Stated in my meeting with him that Ill be leaving if I get the harrassment of previous years due to water bills but hes reassured me that the new bloke /woman whoever, will maintain current level but it is up to them if they do want to reduce water etc and at the moment he is blaming the higher bill to leaks within the building,in short hes put it on the cleaners for lack of reporting faults,Ill lay low around here for a while.
On the other front,no morning tea,its drinkies after work on Tuesday with, Im thinking after conversation with another staffer,pizza from our shop. Pity I cant be there,no email etc again word of mouth and cleaners haven't been told ...
I  aim to do some painting,water colors and start a lino cut for a forethcoming print swap,plus I have to get some ideas forthcoming of a work to submit for the Women in Kitchens exhibit in Naracourt,SA. The theme has me buggered but the artist statement I submitted went along the lines of the kitchen being the centre of female memories. I have a vision that I need to put onto paper and play around with it,somehow I see a neutral graphite composition with a lemon to the left of veiw. Its part of my own memories of yummy times cooking with home grown lemons and my Grandmothers old recipies.My Mum is a good cook but has lost that vibrancy of  good food. Last time I stayed with her she served up a lunch I swear was fast evolving into a different being,I declined of course citing having lunched earlier at the shops but she went ahead and consumed the said organisms and only when she finished that she piped up stating that it was past it,cast iron gut mother dearest, any wonder as they only run the generators for a few hours a day at Dunlop,the fridges were never cold...
I managed to finished the patch work projects too,Im happy with them and hope the recipients will love them,theres enough fabric left to make a few more too! I rarely have hand made things in my own home,i tend to give them a away. I made four,the last one is going to a lovely lady here in town who exclaimed her pleasure at the site of them,she doesnt know she getting one.I really must knit a lacy shawl for her one day.

 I made a mistake with first one but clued in to attach the tie/hanger like this!

And wasnt I so lucky to receive this as my Curtin Arty Groups Christmas card swap,I think my effort pales alongside it,I ll be having this framed!!

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