Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Holidays are coming

I love Christmas and Im learning not stress about if the kids like their pressie, thats great and this year Ive concentrated on a main gift not the many small ones to fill the tree. Me? I always shout myself something either a new book,a spinning batt or new art stuff.This year Ive spotted a nice inexpensive pair of earrings,in flower shape,if its there just before the big day (my last day to go shopping) I will get that.
Im thankful have a roof over our heads to be in all honesty and this year its all about getting together as a family possibly for the last time for a while...
Chrissy cards,

Bugger the second wont right itself,lol,Im keeping this one to frame,I really like it and want to do a larger one. The top is doen with Inktense Blocks,not a really good one but its bright and has character..
This week I was planninga few days off as I wont get that chance til staff come back next term,until I realsied I still have to get out early to get son no 5 onto Bus at 7am,so have decided to wait til next week,maybe Tuesday,Wednesday or close to that. Theres no farewell morning tea apparently so I can choose which ever day I want, we re losing our high flying Principal,hes taking 12 months leave,its odd considering he was full of plans to fix the school. I have no idea if he intends coming back and whether he wants m etp continue the gardens as he asked,im expecting the finance manager to jump on me for water cost etc,I should have a meeting with him I suppose..its all rather depressing,a heap of staff are scrabbling to find other position away from here and others are trying to keep their jobs...for me Im safe,be humble and stay out of sight.Sent an email to the trainer this morning with a few queries,it ll be interesting what comes back. The cleaners have their noses out and I dont blame them,they weren't informed of the staff Christmas dinner at the local water hole and it seems true that the social classes are getting wider each year.
Enough of the sads,I have some little tags to paint!!! Balls, baubles and green trees!!


  1. Gorgeous cards!!! I am shocked that the ancillary staff were not invited, that's terrible. I love it when high flyers come in to 'fix' schools and then realise that it is beyond their skills and they exit very quickly. I hope your earrings are still there!!

  2. This time who ever gets the job has to follow the set in concrete directions to drag our school out of the quagmire useless managers have left it in