Saturday, 7 December 2013

Ladi da da da

I had full intentions of completing a sort yard clean up today,I got as far as whipper snipping the front and back with exception of a little bit where i run out cord,then I discovvered the mower was out of fuel and the boys had knocked off the last in the jerry can,so this week sometime.I hope to take three days off during this week,not sure which days but I think Wednesday to Friday.It ll be the last I can get during holidays and taking these days while there someone else to watch assistant.Hes terminated at end of month so there may be a chance Ill be working solo for a little while.
I dont have much of measn to rid the garden refuse,no trailer and Hubby refuses to hire the garden handyman to cart it away,at $90 an hour Id be glad to pay that to clean up place.If I cut and stack it he only has to pick up and run to tip.only other way is to hire a skip but I think well cop a $300 fee to drop at tip like that. So the grand plan,prune the smaller buses a few at a time,use one of our garbage bins, stack the limbs in a "vcacant "spot and wait til it legal to bon fire them.
This part of front
These need trimming back,I could do it by sections and not over fill bins,I get cross if they go out on rubbish day half full.One day Ill have enough money to put a concrete driveway down.Just look at that bloody couch grass...
Today I finished two cards and sprayed varnish over them to seal,not sure who s lucky this time,I love both and I hope the recipients will enjoy them too.I stick them temporarily to a folded card so they can be framed or used some other way.
Tonight I want to finish another little quilt and start the stranded section of the Wollmeise hat.The very generous lady who sent me nearly a full ball of natural will waiting to see if Ive done something and I would love to return to her the remaining yarn.
Tomorrow Im going to shop to whip some cakes and have coffee with friends.Ill try to remember the camera


  1. Gorgeous paintings!! What do you spray them with? I have experimented with a few spray finishes and I'm always interested to know what other people use.

  2. Hi Judy, Thank you,they were fun to play with, i was using Crystal Clear which is more for graphite and pastels but this time I used National Art Materials "Gloss Varnish" if that helps?