Friday, 27 December 2013

OH bugger

Christmas was too short.though the boys did say they love the time leading to that day and then to New Year,I had to work today and thats sort of shifted my idea of enjoying the festive season,I coud have slept the morning away when I was rudely awoken at 5.30am. Why is it that a good sleep in morning is buggered by A. alarm, B. people.I have chronic fatigue growing I think,cant let it get a hold, I need that job.
Son no 3 has his new job/apprenticeship to sort out,it looks like I have to squeeze that unforgiving rock for enough to get him someplace to live close enough for the bus that travels to he mine,a month and he ll be on his feet,I think on top of roughly $1200? a fortnight ,God I hope hes not on monthly pay,plus allowances from centre link,so other than setting up he should be ok.Ideally if he can share in flat or like,I can help out with stuff like furniture etc,it ll sort out some way or another,it may be a good learning curve for him too in the terms of making do,lol,fussy bugger!
I went walking with Tilly on Christmas evening,the boys wouldn't budge but I thought it was a very pleasant evening! Tilly was extremely pleased

 A silky pear opening up
 and isnt nature wonderful,just look at this
Photos are bit wobbly,Tilly was too excited to hold still on her lead!

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  1. Lovely to see a nice bit of bushland after a bit of rain!