Saturday, 21 September 2013

Oh what a slacker

The essay for this unit is done and dusted,Ill throw it at Turnitin shortly,correct grammar etc though have to so careful as I followed its recomendations last unit and I lost marks,so embarrassing that the tutor picked up on my mistakes and almost told me my writing skills were below standard,of it was the blasted turnitin changed things I didnt see,WTF??
Anyway different teacher,different unit,
 Examine the art of one artist of the 18th century whose work was influenced by Enlightenment ideals. I chose Chardin,but the two books I really needed havent turned up,I have until tomorrow at 5pm to lodge it but I have 9 references of the 8 I was required to have,I hope I havent waffled too much and have made sense.
The next one I think will be the impact of photography and lithographic work of art (painting) during the 18th century I think,a fellow student gave me the heads up for the right book but at $120 from Booktopia,not sure if I can afford to buy books this time,the shop is struggling and I have fees to pay this week for son no 5,all $1400 worth,pay comes in, pay goes out,pity I have no spare for holidays and just as well the boys are happy to sit of computers all day everyday with the only breaks is me badgering housework and then work at shop...
Big days in Kalgoorlie,Race Round,half the wealthy and young competing for best dressed and put doing each other in the drinking stakes,i doubt many watched the gee gees go round,me? nah,grew up with racehorse they ruined many a childhood memory of sitting outside the pubs on the way home,dad use to visit each if he could,driving up to three hours at night wandering all over the road is not a fond memory.How the cops never got him has me beat..
I think a group of "ladies" and I mean ladies asked me to join them for a few hours of well dressed fun I would but Id rather spend time at home in peace,the days of high heels are well gone for me
I did take Tilly for another walk on Friday afternoon. Late and camera battery died but I got these,a bit hard with Tilly pulling on her lead to sniff something out her reach


  1. Smells out of reach are always the best ones, aren't they?? The bush looks beautiful. Oh, the days of essays for college/Uni. I had to type them up on my mum's old typewriter. I couldn't type then and I can't type now!!Good luck, it sounds a very interesting but challenging topic. Books are still so expensive too.
    I have been to the local Cup once, I was bored out of my mind as I am an occasional drinker, not a professional one as many there seemed to be.