Saturday, 7 September 2013

Voting day 13

Well after running to Kalgoorlie with Tilly to get her last needle,one I didnt know she was having as last appointment was the last with only a check up today,the vet nurse told me this and i very nearly cancelled as I didnt see the point of running all the way in to be told shes holding up fine. Anyway got home dropped Tilly off to vote,bunch of sad faces they were,only a about three people there when I wnt through,zip zip zap and I was out of there,went to Shop as Hubbys got it open today on from 5am to 8pm, how he will manage I dont know, but got stuck there as it rained really well and the roof had a leak,grabbed some groceries,flew home loaded Pat in and off to hockey,yay they won,into the Final next week! Last game for Pat as hes not intending to play next year as he should be enlisted by then(they keep putting him back a month so instead hes going after any position available,Im not happy there Id rather he went in at trade level but like so many small towns he wants to get out)
Now Im home,fires going and shortly Ill rug up and see if I can get some more words down,up to 700 out of the needed 1679..
I finally scored a pair of Saltwater sandles too,they arrived yesty,in the tan colour,hopefully with wear they ll soften up quiet nicely,also a gorgeous bundle of fleece,corrie polwarth in the deepest balck Ive seen with another kilo of silver white merino,intend spinning soon in the raw with only flicking the ends,pics soon but they came from  Belor Blacks Black and Coloured Sheep Stud. They been winning a lot of ribbons too.It was  just too dark today for any camera stuff.
So tired tonight but Ill see how I go,Im also nearly done with another Turn a Square,only the shaping at top to do...fell in love with this one too,so simple,Im going to invest in the same yarn and colours,boring but its that combination that drew my attention
And this link will help with stripey things too,so many lovely things,so little time.I gifted a pair of ChurchMouse , Welted Mittens in factyesty,the recipient was amazed and very happy.I was happy to make her happy. Cant wait for the warmer weather to start!!

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