Wednesday, 4 September 2013


The year is over for me really,sports day today and thats been my sigh of relief every year. You see the previous gardener used to tell the admin that they were too busy to mark oval,well guess what,when I started in senior position I was called into office and reminded part of my job was marking for the big sports day,Yay!!! Wonderful,never done it before,..tear hair out and all that, very lucky for me the sports teacher the then lovely lady and her Dad and boyfriend spent the Sunday marking the center oblong which was essential to get the track right,if interested have a look here and scroll down to the actual field layout,so I was literally eased into how to mark field,extra lucky for me the following year the local mine lend a hand by sending in their survey team and marked the center oblong making it easy for me and the gorgeous volunteers to get the rest done,it took from 8am to 7.30pm with one teacher( who went to jail later on but thats another story) coming down with a few beers at end,I couldnt drink obviously,lol but what a day. Onwards to the next year I was stuck to do it myself and no vollys but the sports teacher only wanted a few straight runs easy peasy,roll onto next one and bugger whole mark up on  the little oval,all guess work but as long as it measured the distances not fussed.One straight line all around barely grassed oval,with the finishing straight with lanes. The last three years Hubby and I, on our own have marked up the professional one as seen in above linky,it has been close call for divorce each time but we did it in 4 hours,this year we managed in just over three ,what a relief.the reason this year? we finally worked out with permission of football club to paint mark the fence to make the string lines up and if we were quick enough the exact center was still clear from the footy markup.Phew....This year rain threatened but they managed to get through the day,the sports teacher is fresh out of college and asked me this morning to go back to mark 400 and 300m relay,he survived the conversation to do his job,lol (my boss had told me just do basic mark up)
hence my big job of the year is done and now the count down to holidays then onto Chrissy!! The assistants job today was spreading sugar cane through the garden beds to which Boss warned me the cleaners will not be happy cause when they blow the undercover the mulch flies everywhere,that's what I m up against,if its not weather and drought etc its people and their petty little jibes. Waiting to see tomorrow how it pans..Sometimes i love my job and other days I think why did I get this job.Maybe cause in Spring I see the gorgeous flowers i work all year to get and make other people happy to see as well

On the knitting front,I have one more Reading mitten done and the second started,one pair is going to our lovely neighbor who runs the paper shop,her shop is freezing and at long last i have something to give her!Going to wool shop next week to get another colour,the purple was very nice but will have a gecko to see whats what.i need two more hand made things for the Payitforward group!
On the weaving front,didnt do any last night, read up for essay instead,no hockey training tonight due to son will horrible chest infection for which non English new Doctor prescribed antibiotics for infected throat,chemist man assured me the prescription will be fine for chest as well,I hope so,haven't seen Paddy so sick,and with his microdial? leakage in his heart it always worries me hell have a heart attack or something no matter how small. Well with that Im off for a warm shower and then dinner then study and hopefully a spot of weaving,I can get up to 6 inches in one sitting now.Ta ta!

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