Saturday, 7 September 2013

Post Election,rain and peace

Its dawned a nice spring day with a bit of cool in the breeze but not too bad,Tillys waiting for a walk but Ill take her later when the grounds a bit less slippery
mean while
1. I has Saltwater Sandles,soo comfy, these are available (where you can find them,very popular) in lime orange(limited edition) white, silver ,black, navy,red, yellow and some mixed one
 2. new fleece,corrie polwarth, its very dark,better in person,the lights too bright

Merino,64s,sooo soft

 See the length
The tips on both are divine

 and to top the day off,the Clivia has put on a magnificent show this year, maybe its telling me repot time


  1. Oh, you are so lucky, I always mean to have some of those sandals, they look lovely!! I thought the wool was a monster at first!!!

  2. I mean to have a few apirs in different colours to wear for what ever mood..the wool is glorious,hoping a few warm days to enjoy combing it

  3. Cath! I can't believe I haven't popped over before but here I am! loving your saltwaters, love! I got mine in red from this random store in encino in the states because it was the only place I could find them in red and it was the only colour I wanted! they are so comfy and it only occurred to me after my photo was taken with fast ed that I hadn't put a fancy shoe on, it just goes with everything and I feel a bit hip and cool in them!
    so glad I popped by and promise to stop back a bit more! I'm a bit behind with my blog reading