Friday, 11 October 2013

End of Holidays

Well for everyone else,taking the last three didnt happen for me,no chance of sleep in now til next school holidays at Christmas,the person who was supposed to be my assistant at school didnt turn up for over half the days so I didnt want to risk losing plants etc so I worked through only taking my RDO yesterday,no sleep in though Hubby leaving at 4.30 and then son texting me at 5am to drop his fav pen down to work on MY way to work..yes I know should have turned phone off,Ill get my own back next time.

Was going to go into work today just to mow the Kindy lawns cause the EAs will be in there Monday washing the toys etc and I wont get a chance to do them before students rock up Tuesday.Oh I wanted to do the Front lawn near where I planted 26 carpet roses so the boss was happy,BUT I ve decided ill go check the grounds this arvo,make sure the near dead seedlings are still ok(a mini heat wave on Tuesday) and go in early early Monday,20mins for front lawn and 45 for Kindy the Ill be up to date plus I have to leave at 2.30pm to run baby son(taller then me but hes still my baby) into Town for Dentist. So If I can get there at 6am,or earlier (as if) I will only owe half an hour which I can do next day.
Ive been quiet these last few weeks i think its been that long,it feels like it,a horrid holiday period coupled with trying to get head space for essay which Im nearly done,relatively easy but so many disruptions on top of chronic fatigue. Ive gotten into staying quiet and no mojo for anything not even knitting.. I did get camera out on Tuesday though,a number of baby birds at school yay have kept me occupied.
 Hes up there high as, baby Butcher bird,they had two but something got the other one,I went to see what the fracus was about but it was all over by the time I got there
And Mums coming!!
All fluffed up!!Look at his short tail!! The babies are a fudgy brown and cream and they colour up as they mature.This ones still at the cute stage
And Baby Honeysuckles
in the garden the Fiery Bottle Brush has opened up,this is its third year,mine at home is loaded with bud for its first time,they are very shy flowerers apparently

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