Saturday, 10 August 2013

The birdies are singing

I think they are trying to convince me that springs here,Yay..except the wind is breezy cool and the soft floaty winter grey clouds keep rolling over,Im back in trackies and jumper ( a cheapie mens cotton v neck from Target for $10 ,yay,got three more for work,looks efficient and presentable and comfortable) and today is the day I wanted to finish essay,140 words to go lol,then rewrite it this week. Well after  two late nights,Friday i stayed up to watch in SBS Online the new Vikings series,a bit murderous but it was good,look forward to next episode, and Broadchurch (No 5)on the ABC iveiw,no I haven't bothered to go buy a new remote for our "new " digital TV form Dick Smith.The peace in the house is wonderful without the background noise or distractions of the big box,I do miss going to bed to watch a fav show before going to sleep.On the good side besides peace Im staying out in the family area and completing more spinning and other UFOs.
Well as I was going onto to say,Friday night was a late one,11.30,last night was a freezing sit down at Hockey Stadium in Kal to watch Pat compete  with his team,they won 7 to 0 so definitely in the high chances of winning this year and we didnt get home til nearly 10 pm, getting so cold on top of no dinner put paid to me,this morning Ive woken to stuffy nose.The pollen content is high too with the yellow wattles really coming into their season!This mornings shot.
Im over half way with Vestish,pics when i get the body done,Ive stuck to pattern pretty well and have used up exactly 4 balls of the Jo Sharp Dk,its not a soft yarn but it holds definition very well and is easy to knit with,I can work without watching every sts quite well which is handy as I can read to a certain degree as I knit.
Going to try not to start another big project til this ones is done..
Looking on Handmade Factory this morning and came across these two sites
This little gem, Im already thinking of what I have in stash to do Tee!
Oh just to add I saw this fello this morning,his cal was so forlorn and lonely sounding'
Its a cuckoo,this one to be precise  and this site 
And he sounded like this
When we first entered the bush I was delighted to see a Robin,I think this was him,last week it was a eye catchingly brilliant wren who was far too quick for me to catch a photo and with my current lenses but this one wasnt so shy so next time Ill go without the doggy to see if I can! He was very busy and came quite close to us and wasnt really fazed by Tilly!!
Sniff Sniff,hes in here somewhere!!!Tails wagging vigorously!

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