Saturday, 31 August 2013

hanging on

Its been a horribly windy day all day with a coolish effect that I felt warm one minute and then chilly the next,couldn't do photos either and I think Tillys disappointed she has gotten a walk. She carried her lead out to the door this morning and wasn't very happy when I put her in car,she tried to take lead from me,hahaha,wrong direction,the bush is this way Mum.Last needle this morning with a check up next Saturday. I m super happy she well again and supper happy one less trip to Kal(120ks round trip) and only a couple left for hockey too.
I have four weeks to write 1800 words to this question,Examine the art of one artist of the 18th century  influenced by Enlightenment.... a new topic each week for which I ll have a test in ten weeks but Im concentrating on this essay and then the next before i cram and cram,I spent about 6
$60 this morning on books to help as it requires 8 authored references and the uni library 
stressed? nah not me!!! silent screaming,why do I put myself through this?? to know I do have brains and that I am of some worth
Id much rather spend it on a stand for AKL

While watching the last episode of Broadchurch last night on ABC Iveiw i weaved the bit that on the shuttle,and bugger ations ,found a torn frayed thread,I loosed it (the tension on loom) tied a new section in and it might work,wont be perfect but I rustic enough,i had intended weaving bits of homespun red silk merino but the warp is too musk coloured (Bendigo 2 ply wool),anyhow i take pics when theres more than the ten inches I have now,Im using a haddle that should be for 8 ply I think but the weave seems ok,light and loose i month after school fees are paid ill order white and lime cotton and attempt to do tea towls
Now just for picture wise fun and visual interest

 Except this one below all are eremophilas,or emu bushes, I d had fun watching these grow and its the one thing that keeps me in my job

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