Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Just a Shorty

Tonight I feel so tired,my week off uni and had planned to do all those things I cant while pursuing that higher knowledge..I did get the old Bernina Record 830 out last night,warmed her up,cleaned and got running ,well it purred right from start but warmed her up anyway,Id cut out two more project bags the night before so finished them up to the point of adding draw strings,Ill add pics when I have finished them,tonight however I thought Id get the AKL out,undo what I have on there and redo with some added embellishments,hand spun silk wool in raspberry a bit like the saori looms that are gaining popularity as in Moggy n Me blog .I been sitting her getting cold(have lit fire but the doors open waiting for Mz bunny to grace us with her presence,Fluffas already in and camped on the carpet in Lounge,bless him)
Short story,Hubbys waiting for a shipment of fish stocks for shop and said this afternoon he may \need me to come down and keep shop while he sorted that,haven't heard boo yet and am wondering if truck has already been and gone...hes helping me next week
A... mark up oval for sports
B... drive truck into town for the load of supplies Ive ordered for my work,20 bags of NPK and 36 packs of sugar cane mulch plus 40 bags of soil compost is not a load i can get home in Cruiser
Hence despite my reluctance to work in shop I have to pay back by doing so. Race round is coming up too so most of staff will be going that direction and again Ive been warned I may have to attend shop duties. 5 weeks from now I have to have ready an 1800 words essay,havent picked topic yet though the one due 5 weeks after that I have.All that reading is going to wipe me out,Im flat to hold my eyes open now. The last week or so Ive found I haven't consumed enough water,having coffee and tea at tea breaks and lunch hasn't helped,my lips are dry and mouth getting chalky . It has passed my mind a lot lately to drop study, not sure how being a Commonwealth Supported Student works if I did,theres 10 units left to do not counting next one (sounds better lol) at end Ill have doe all up 26 as i did more than I was supposed to in first year but course leader has let me continue on as registered Degrees so I should be more positive. The amount of time I have left means I cant even take a SP off next year,I have to finish in 7 years,been at it 3 and bit, I think at part time I have two years and two SP left. f I could take a year off work I could fast track it in half that but money always wins and Im not dropping $49 gees yet

Blast from the past,I was 19 years old when Dick Smith flew in to look at our old shed,he was doing a round Australia trip documentary, Grandfather had been interviewed a few years prior by Bill Peach simply because of this grand old shearing masterpiece, take notice of the cardigan he swearing,Im pretty sure this is the one I rescued when I helped Mum clean up after Dad went, Grandfather died a year or so after this interveiw. It was mended a bit but still solid, blue grey basic 8 ply,who knitted it I dont know,either Nana or My Aunty,its far too big for me but I washed it carefully and it held up extremely well,a tribute to merino wool.  I have always believed holding onto the past can have severe repercussions for ones health but really its identity and without that history you have nothing to hang onto. I say with care as I can see some in my own family, battling demons and I struggle myself but know I have to be there for my sons.


  1. I don't know how people study and have a real life with a job. It took all my time at TCAE/Uni to get my degree. Well done I say. Hanging on to the past can be rough, I have found it so, but some things are definitely worth hanging on to. Thanks for the link to Donni's blog!!!!!

  2. Big smiles your way!! I want to play with my loom after seeing Donni's work!!