Sunday, 4 August 2013

I went for a walk..

so here are some more wildflower action...

LOL I can see a yellow theme here but how gorgeous things are out the bush at the moment,I hope soon to take a drive to see if I can find something a bit more descriptive other then a few on the ground shots,Ive been practicing with the macro lense and different Aperture settings
And of course some pics of UFOs not in the basket anymore
This is handspun Angorina from Charly at Ixchel Fibres,roughly a worsted weight, my own pattern and if I can find the bit of left over from the Abalone Ill attempt two poms poms on cord for the crown!,very Soft and Very Warm,it also matches the cowl I did a few weeks ago

 Turn a Square for Tom!! In Bendigo 10ply Luxury. Love this pattern,will be doing another soon as I have heaps left on the ball..its black but sun was very strong..

And started Vestish in a discontinued DK from Jo Sharp I was lucky to inherit from a destash in Toodyay,nearly to the waist shaping now so it should a quick one I hope as the weathers moving towards warm very quickly


  1. What beautiful flowers. It's hard to believe we're in the same country!! Lots of daffodils coming out here, holly berries and a few camellias starting as well. But it is nice and green. I love the Turn a Square Hat. Such pretty handspun!!!

  2. Oh Cindy Ive always wanted to live where I could grow cottage garden type plants but I know Id still have to have these ones close by.I aim to get a wild flower population growing at work cause theres a few flowering near the oval so Ill collect their seed and spread them closer,going to be a huge show this year as the grounds still damp out there and its raining at the moment again!Ill take more pics as the season comes on!!

  3. Love the colours in that hat - beautiful spinning.