Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ho Hum,didum

Havent got much to say,Took Tilly to vets for her injection this morning,three hours later back in for Hockey,240kms ,now I need to fuel up again... Game was  lost to opponents but Pat had a good run and drenched in sweat when I picked him up,thought it was funny to throw the wet singlet at me...
While he was playing I ducked off to Bunnings to get the spray paint for marking the sports on Monday,Ill take camera this time and post results this week some time. Hubbys supposed to be helping but he announced hes off to the big smoke to pick a load of stuff he needs for shop.  Luckily youngest has a day of school(religious study day apparently) so he can be my offsider for a couple of hours though Ill probably have to pay him...
Saw the most disturbing thing while waiting for Pat to grab a iced drink from Maccas,three young ladies walked past on their way in,the first two past muster for dress but boy the third one? dressed in a skin colour ed top clingy almost revealing in that,but it was the shorts that stunned me..chiffon french nickers do not constitute as outer wear for public view,to make matters worse she'd got out of car with a mighty wedgie so the G string got a good show of sunlight as well,to see two stark white "arse" cheeks wobbling past before she frantically tried to pull everything into place was not a good look. What do the parents of these lasses think when they let them out in clothes like this,I know we should be able to walk around safe no matter what but for dignity and even protection from the sun we should dress a bit more decorously.The male passenger on the other hand declared no opposition but did admit those girls arent for dating.His hilarious response to my mature opinion  was made worse when she reappeared and obviously thinking he was checking her out..
Anyhoo,I picked up new "things" at Black row Studio on Thursday and had a play last night and yep those two new projects bags in the back,still have to do draw strings

Maybe tomorrow I can have another play before i get ready to start next unit yay!!

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