Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Up,Up and Away!

Finally the realization Im free of study for three whole months is sinking in,I have reorganized my lounge room to have the sewing table in a better spot,for summer anyway,got two knitting projects out,the Vestish vest is nearly done,Atilier is nearly done,two socks of two different pairs are,well I have to start second sock but other second sock nearly done.
I have the Knitters Loom sitting there with a fine wool yarn loaded and I have the old Louet S10 wheel with some handdyed merino optim top being navajo plied,Im hoping Im not plying it the wrong way as its been sitting there for over two years and bit set in twist. Its destiny will be determined once Ive washed it.
Meanwhile i love this site
http://oliverands.com/blog/ and in it is this pattern for which I saw some beautiful fabric in Esperance,at $39 per metere is pricey but when I see a colour or pattern I have to have it lol, like this one http://oliverands.com/sis-boom-patterns/OLV-SB-Devon-D.html . I still have to start filling VD with ideas for finals too.
Another old pic!,Freisa one of the best smelling roses around,Im after a climbing one that will smell like it for an arch iI would like to build near my quiet corner,it will be a secret garden by the time I finish!

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