Friday, 1 November 2013

I dont have much free time at the moment, a whole pile of study ,readings and revisions for an online test starting Monday week,so tired I cant seem to get enough sleep,went to a funeral of a local bloke yesty,had to stand in semi shade for two hours,it was a long service,now I have migraines to contend with as well.
Anyhow as I havent taken any pics for a while I thought Id add these from Paddys Graduation night,I really did look much more slender in the bathroom mirror

Pat dresses very well as do all the boys when occasion needed that extra...

Unlike his ahem, scruffy older brother who decided at last minute to come with us.That face is now clean as a babys bum,he shaved and cleaned up beautifully out of respect for the bloke whos funeral we attended,it was the boss of the business Hew works for,as sad as his passing may be,he left a mess for everyone to pick up. I hope business carries on for his family and for my boy as he still has 12 months of his apprenticeship to go.
Im still working alone,offsider finally quit and I expected it,he didn't have the "go" for the job or simply lazy I don't know,unfortunately what I warned my manager at the beginning has rung true.I will have a relief in a few weeks but for now Im doing two peoples work,routine helps out but cutting corners makes it much easier as well,until a spanner gets chucked in the works. I'm forced to set sprinklers up and as much I can avoid doing it at times that annoy other staff, sometimes its unavoidable. I was running behind,it was very dry and there was a possibility of plant loss or damage if I didn't water them.
Staff complained to manager now instead of giving me a hoy as I walked past, to turn off retic at that particular little spot as the class decided to ignore instruction from both teacher and aide and dance in the mud etc,lol,lack of control plus cranky pants EA equals?... a call to the office,I m not particularly upset,I have several options of which none affect me, stop water to that patch of lawn,let it die,one less thing for me to worry about,stop volunteering my own time I dont have, to water that teachers school project,its not part of my duties so to speak,(I take payment in the odd fresh carrot as I water the kitchen garden). Im sure the EA would love to run a bit harder to do the stuff I do to help that teacher. Funny enough that EA is rather keen to be a FB friend,lol,good old FB, I should close account but because my uni buddies are on there,Ive already started to weed out the so called friends list,most of which wouldnt even say good day when I see them in person,such a weird world we live in. Anyhoo,I go speak with teacher next week,find out who made call and apologize for inconvenience but explain why it happened.The fact she took an obvious back step when she came across me later on that day shows shes expecting a response,normally shes gushing with gratitude etc and friendly(her first appointment as a teacher ,mature student,after being an EA for years) normally, I tell her of course Im there to help with her feral class when the gardening session comes up. Shall be interesting.edited to add said teacher terribly upset at what happened,we had a talk and sorted.
Something else I have to, or not, deal with  before Christmas is the question of having too much Annual leave apparently. Received a letter from Department stating they want me to use up at least 70% of accrued leave,around 59 days I think, either taking it partially as a lump sum or taking set amounts of leave before the end of 2014. I spoke to boss and made the determination I wasnt walking away from work for a period of time that would destroy all the work Ive put into the place,I intend a short trip to see Mother in early 2014,another four weeks in either May or September if not both.The WA Government has made offers for voluntary redundancies from Government jobs,a huge response though no wonder,3 weeks pay for every year worked? I think, roughly 28,000 plus a bit extra if log service leave is calculated in,if I took up offer at 8 years of work.Imagine working for them for 20 years or so! Majority of those who took it up were over fifty and female apparently. Anyhow my position isnt one they will wipe being a senior one in charge of ground though union did warn they might put  assistant position on hold as budgets are being slashed.Mind you if I could get a lump sum and put it away or even use a littel towards that Honda Ive been coveting,I might think of it,but I know it ll put me over income limit and the Tax department will simply take it before it lands in bank for Help debt.Result I lose holidays. Simply I may need them to deal with family issues such as sick Mum or myself. I took 5 weeks to go home and bury my Dad,staying with Mum on her property for Christmas,she would have been on her own had we didnt stay,mind you it wasnt fun,mossies and no airconditioner,limited food access,three boys sick with mossie bugs,we were glad to get home. A nice holiday would be nice but that out of reach for a while.
Im taking my melancholy self off to do a quick shop up,lotto,then study.

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  1. Your son looks very smart and proud and nice to read your other son was spick and span for the funeral. You look lovely, very nice!!!
    If you have more than 100 days of LSL here, you use it or lose it. I would rather have had a lump sum, but in the end I used it when I was first sick and couldn't work and didn't qualify for any money at all. It was a good thing then.
    The ancillary staff are a teacher's best friend. That is all I have to say!!!!