Saturday, 23 November 2013

Another week goes by

and Im not the only one to to comment how long it was,I feel shattered myself so it was a bit of glad news to learn my Catholic School son only has three weeks left.That means no lunches to be made at 5.30 in the morning.I can set alarm at 6am,have a cuppa ,a quick bit of house keeping,dishwasher,washing hung etc and clean up Bunny mess.
He proclaimed his maths test was easy, though hes not sure if he answered the questions in the English one "right",hes knows science is a problem and so is Sose. I can see a bit of tutoring next year for English as they have high standards and hes only has three chances to pass it to gain his Year 12 Cert.
Life still not back to normal after our nocturnal visitors last weekend,i have a usable credit card but still cant access my real money,hoping this week as I need to get three Christmas Pressies to be out of the poo,as long as they all have something each it doesnt matter if I can do more. On my quick trip in today I checked out what the jewelers had in their sale,I have to get something special for my Auntie as shes done so much to keep Mum on the straight and narrow,I know roughly what I want now,its ll be simple to buy Mum a pair of earings,I always pick something I would wear myself,post if expensive so sending clothes is out.Im thinking something sparkly for Mother but a pearls for fav Aunty,Id drop a hint for boys get them for me too but the dollars are hard to find this year especially as one is unemployed. I might trest myself something for Christmas but havent worked out what,with enough wool to fill a shop I better not go hunting in that direction. Ive gained a bit of weight and a lot of my new clothes are a bit firm,maybe that will be a functional gist to myself. A trip to the online Quilt shop might be in the running too. I need to put one together for above Aunty as well. Something like this,Sugar Pop it has to easy but effective and a bit 30ish as I know shed love that. Just a few links that took my eye tonight...

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  1. I hope everything financial is sorted out soon, I think these things happen at Christmas just to make life more difficult. We often buy as a group to help defray postage costs too.
    Oh the Sugar Pop quilt and the Orange Pekoe are so nice, and I love the jelly roll too. Yes, The FQ shop is full of temptation!!!