Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Its so cold!!

Its hard to believe but a change has moved through with rain,I was back to winter jackets today,it was cold at work but lucky I hadnt brought my big Beta Hunt Husky home for a wash,it a bit hmm homely but kept the wind off me,sooo tired,yesterday has caught up.
Let me bring the full story up. 2.15 on Monday morning I was woken by Tilly being ferocious ,I got out of bed,and carefully walked down the hall,the lights were all out,finding the front door open by about three feet and Fluffa perched there sticking his nose outside,my immediate thing was close the door and check both the Bunnies were ok,thinking the wind blew the door open cause the latch is a bit dodgy.Not thinking much of it,I went into kitchen turned on light and gave bunnies a bit of cereal as they were literally sitting on my feet. I noticed my wallet was not where I left it, hmm not quite right! Checked for Hubbys shop bag and hmm not there at usual spot,bugger,went back to bedroom woke Hubby and asked him where did he leave bag,now Hubby is not a fast processor of information when woken and considering he'd consumed two six packs of VB a couple hours before,any wonder.I went back out and sussed if anything else was gone while Hubby staggered down hall,starting to panic by now, was exclaiming NoNoNo (its was a disaster if he lost bag),I sensibly went out to work car and checked ,there was bag,,thank God,Son had forgotten to bring it inside but he had locked car.
 We quickly determined by mutual agreement that wed been done over,the next hour was spent calling police,banks to cancel cards etc, this also transpired to  a full working day from 2.15am to 9.30 that night. Heres where the funny comes in,while at work I had to do some extra stuff for Boss and while doing that I noticed my birdies being abnormally cranky about something like a snake or a goanna up in the tree level. I couldn't see what it was but was going to take a closer look later as Id noticed the same behavior earlier in breeding season when they lost a chicken.Anyhow at this time our lovely front desk lady who doubled as science techie was cleaning out crap from her area so she was up on the second level looking down on us. She called me quite insistently to come up to her straight away and me thinking oh shes seen a carpet snake( that would have been exciting),but no,low and behold there were our wallets thrown up on the roof of walkway.So today we got them back from police who did the usual finger print job and no luck,we are still non the wiser which little sod did it,this a small town we may find out from kids  later I hope,for I want dearly to ring their blasted necks. We re waiting for new cards to arrive and its caused no end of bother, right when Im trying to grab bargains for Christmas and remember its a tight one for us this year. I have ten dollars to use for essentials and I may be able to scratch together a few gold coins,it will be fish and chips,pizza and burgers for a while lol from our shop. So here we sit waiting for life to return to normal,re access to money...and I cant put payment on Credit card either which is bothering me.
On a good point we think we ve solved son dilemma,another blokes taking up the empty spot for auto leckies ,he ll be back in employment in few days if all goes to plan.
On my own occupation hoping things will swing better for me next year if not earlier when Im comfortable,meantime Ive been doing this.This years batch of cards to special people,mostly water colors with Pebeo inks, they have a glorious subtle luminosity to them in the native theme as usual.Some finished,some nearly there.

And this,a bit of patchwork!! I love having a few days off,well Wednesday Friday and weekend together,Im exhausted today,the drams of Monday has caught up.

Cant wait to finish it, with a three month break from study I hope to get Son no 2 quilt done,well I hope I can,the kit was a good one and ceratinly not the colours I thought but its a very conservative male one.If I can get it done this month or even early December he can have it as an extra Christmas Pressie!


  1. Oh no, that's awful. Thank goodness for Watch Bunnies. It is just so annoying too, and probably children, Way back in the olden days when we had cheque books, a child in my class stole some from the back of my book and tried to buy things at the local shop. The nice people called the police. They were not bright children.
    Oh, but your sewing is very cheering, I think the chevron stripes are gorgeous and you are so clever. Hope things are sorted out quickly- it never rains but it pours.

  2. Its getting a bit too common place and with so many losing theirs jobs it might be even more regular

  3. Not good about the wallet. Love the paintings and quilting.

  4. The cards look great. I also love the quilting, I am a red fan so the colours work really well for me. Having had a bit of a go at quilting this last winter I am full of respect for such precision. What a stroke of luck the hubby's work bag hadn't made it into the house!