Monday, 22 July 2013


oops that was a bit loud..sorry,well Ive started a new blog,I got locked out of my old one and I found out that now to verify,I needed information I never had or even imagined I need.for Gods sake and there was no help desk anywhere with Goggle where i could explain my dilemma.I like to write for in this lonely life of mine,writing lets me be free and of course a little weird....

so now Im here,I have a suspicion I may be able to reenter that blog at some stage but for the moment,this will be my new woohoo,silent companion to talk blather etc
Pics to celebrate
What I did on the weekend after I dropped off my essay...
 A skein of Mosley park sock in pink merino that may become that cowl sitting near it,the green ball is singles of camel silk and bunny,not sure what Ill do yet,if I ply it ,Im hoping there ll be enough for a feather cowl
 Current spin,merino and bamboo
 More bits I skein-ed up,the brown is Bison,Ive had it for at least 4 years so bugger it it ll be socks very soon,the white and pink dyed balls are going to be hiking socks,see a theme here,lol
 Hoping thos dyed Panda will stripe ....
 Close up of the corriedale
 Possum,the brown floofy and the blue is two ply baby wool,the multy is 3 ply merino,while dye pots were out
The Pics turned somehow while I transferd them,oh hang on I forgot the batch before them I did
Anyhoo,this next one is some divine baby alpaca gifted as part of a hand spun swap a few yeas back,its so buttery,so Ive washed it and found some deep purple,not sure what it is but use that to extend fr a pair of welted mittens

That spot of purple there below,Im hoping to have enough to add to this lot for a vest,Ill take it to town next to match it as I think that where it came from,,its either some NZ fine merino or merino silk,its very soft.The rest is a mix of hand spun carded corriedale silk,I may reskein and wash so I can measure the metres,but a play of colour would be nice
 And possum,seehow big that ball is,theres a cone of bendigo lace weight sitting nect to it and yess its destined to be sock for Hubby,possum twat fluff I called it ,originally for a beanie but hes declared its too itchy
Anyhow that it my first post on this new blog,four weeks to next essay,back at work after two days off,,,hmm


  1. So much beautiful wool!! I love the picture of Tilly on your old blog. The same kind of thing has happened to me too, when I put in my email and password and it just said I didn't exist. Very annoying!!!

  2. Believe me Cindy! this is only a portion of stash,gamely trying to knit my way through some of it to stop Hubbys frown