Sunday, 28 July 2013

Oh Sunday where do you go!

Yesterday and Friday it was hectic here in getting prepared for son No 3 18th,it was raining on and off and damp but I managed to edge the garden and mow it again,so by Saturday at 2pm we were ready to go,a huge crowd turned up,quite a few uninvited guests as friends brought their mates and family. By 11pm the old age had me evicting a handful of rowdy drunks who looking for a squabble. It was funny in the after fact as my sons cheered my decision but in the way I would have liked.I dislike the abuse of alcohol and to see young girls drinking like fish literally and swaying in and out to the loo,two or three at a time I found not very likeable. They were lovely most of them and in the culture here and I suspect most small town,getting pissed at what ever party was going at the moment.I didnt know a lot of the people here but were able to,due to my job pick the underage and boot them.I am however glad this was in a small town,had it been in a larger population we would have had to involve strict conditions and even Police may have been enlisted. As it was the 6 or so naughty ones went off to carry out their blues elsewhere and not in my back yard,shudder to think what may have been.
So today im absolutely shattered.I did however managed to cook two cakes,one for Sons as a belated Birthday cake,Devils Food cake and YAY,it looks fine,Ive been having problems with my Technika Oven,wished I hadnt bought the blasted thing and hung on to get a fully gas one,but this time the cooking angels smiled with the Kitchen Aide.Its Hubbys at the moment as he needs it in the shop but its been home for a week so though Id better do something with it but he has informed me hes thinking of getting the bigger one so this one will stay here if he does.i miss my Sunbeam though...

Thats real Chocolate too,waiting for son to come home to cut it!!I decided not to do this for actual party,these people dont appreciate  cake and it becomes a game of duck the lumps as it flies in all directions

And while the oven was hot ,thought wed use up some oranges sitting in the fruit bowl,its marvelous too as you can see afternoon tea has tested already.The only thing I changed was I beat whole eggs instead of folding in the whites last.Ill do that next time!

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