Thursday, 25 July 2013

Oh me oh my

I can hear rain on the roof,its the start of that big weather change coming through I think,theres severe weather warnings all afternoon but not sure if it will be for here as well,being inland means we usually only get the tail of bad weather ,except last Wednesday,now that was a wild windy icy day,not much got done at work I can tell you,the cleaners were inside doing the holiday clean up,me well I huddled over a half working heater every time I came back inside,must have been at 6 '.The remnants came through over night and dumped tree mess everywhere. Ive just got the grounds back in some order when the weather man announced this one,grrr.At least we have enough wood for another week,at $180 a load its getting expensive,now the truck has its new radiator we ll be able to go out and get  a bit.
My middle boys 18th this Saturday,they are growing up so fast now,Im planning on leaving work an hour or so early as the yard and house is a mess,I just hope we can pull everything together for his party.
This is where we usually go for wood,on a nice clear Winters day the sky is sooo blue, I think Ive shown these before but I just love the colours!

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